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DealerPeak is known for incredible customer support. Our commitment to you begins with installation and never ends. We hire the cream of the crop (all with extensive dealership backgrounds) and put them to work helping you. So, how can we help you today?

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CRM coaching.

Help with DealerPeak CRM questions, process evolution, BDC/CRC department integration, customer service follow-up, and more.
Desking coaching.

Answers to DealerPeak Desking questions, best practices information, and tips and tricks. Ask about our Tablet Desking initiative!
Websites support.

Answers to DealerPeak Website questions, content management tools, search engine optimization strategies, and more.
Inventory coaching.

Help with DealerPeak Inventory questions, solution optimization, reporting & metric practices, and more.
Marketing strategies.

Strategies for maximizing your marketing dollars, including online negotiation practices to reach today’s Internet shoppers.
Solutions coaching.

We offer one-on-one and team coaching for all of our solutions. Take your success to the next level with hands-on help customized for your dealership.

When it comes to support, good isn’t good enough.

We aim to always deliver great.