Desk Deals with confidence and speed.
Automotive Desking Software

A desking tool built with speed and accuracy.

One click, single-screen desking.

In the real-world, a desking tool has to prioritize speed without sacrificing quality. That’s why DealerPeak Desking combines innovative features like windows-based architecture that allows for quick access to multiple deals simultaneously, with instantaneous incentive programs that stand up to any bank. Packed with valuable features and optional additional products, DealerPeak Desking is all about injecting efficiency into the desking process and helping you refine your craft.

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Single Screen Desking

Maximum power in minimum time.

Work multiple deals simultaneously.

Your desk manager can work multiple deals at once with a windows-based architecture built for efficiency. This is a desking tool that understands that when you’re at your busiest, the ability to switch back and forth between deals in seconds is essential for productivity, and for creating a better customer buying experience.

Accuracy you can take to the bank.

Your deals will stand up to the bank thanks to a rigorous quality control process that’s second-to-none. Desking calculations are matched to those in your DMS to allow for multiple lease and retail scenarios. Manufacturer programs and incentives are available in real-time, which allows you to maximize the profitability on every opportunity.

Everything you need with one click.

View all the details on one screen as you desk your deals, including buyer and co-buyer information, credit application information, available OEM programs and residuals, vehicle of interest information, trade information, finance and lease payment options, presentations, and even send the deal to your DMS!

Desking in One Click

Everything you need for peak performance.

Multiple payment options.
A powerful view.

Forget viewing only one payment option at a time; instead view up to 9 payment options at one time for any deal.

Multiple vehicle desking.
Work smarter and faster.

Desk as many vehicles as a customer requests within one window, and switch between vehicles with just one click.

Finance, lease & cash deals.
All deal options at-a-glance.

Compare a lease and a purchase on one screen, allowing all buying options to be presented to the customer.

Payment roll functions.
Nail-down that desired deal.

Easily roll a deal without doing the math, or manually backing into a desired payment or finance amount.

Salesperson presentation view.
Maintain control of the Desk.

Personalize what deal details each salesperson can see to retain gross and control.

Presentation options.
A personalized view.

Choose from over 30 standard presentations to provide your customer with purchase options online or in-store.

Digital credit application.
Streamline your app process.

Generate an electronic credit application right from your desk to eliminate double data-entry and hand-written apps.

Multiple tax profiles.
Compliance made easy.

Quickly switch between State and Local tax groups within a deal.

Tablet Desking.
The future of desking.

Save time, maintain credibility, and make the best customer impression by enabling your sales people to communicate back-and-forth with the Desk without leaving their customers.

Supercharge your desking tool!

Make your desking tool even more powerful. These optional products will help you control and manage the speed, efficiency, and profitability of every deal.

DMS Integration Product

DMS Integration

OEM Programs Product

OEM Programs

Online Negotiation Product

Online Negotiations